How did I come up with the idea?

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I had been thinking about setting up a new business for a few years, but for a long time couldn’t come up with a great and viable idea.

I came across my idea by chance when I bought my then toddler some gorgeous 100% leather handstitched shoes from an independent bricks and mortar children’s clothing boutique. So many people commented on these shoes and asked where I had got them from because they looked lovely and were different. I suddenly thought that not that many people have access to childrens independent clothing shops and when they do the clothing is expensive that it tends to be for special occassions.

Then I thought ‘Does it have to be this way?’ Can I offer mums and dads gorgeous boutique childrens clothing at prices similar to Next or Marks and Spencer? Could this be a viable business? I pondered over this for a few days and when I still was excited about this possibility I then decided to do some research. After I had looked through the reseach findings, I still thought that this would be a good idea. I decided this would be my new business.

So Bambino Boo was born!

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