Selling through Amazon

As it was taking a while to get enough traffic to Bambino Boo, I decided to trade both on Amazon and on Ebay, so that I would have multiple sales channels.

I applied to sell on Amazon through a basic online form and within days a person from their sales team phoned me and talked me through how to sell on Amazon. I paid a monthly fee so that I could sell childrens designer clothing. I basically needed to fill in a spreadsheet and upload it.

The sales team were helpful and whenever I had an issue they got back to me very quickly and talked me through the problem.

What was the outcome of selling through Amazon? I started to get sales through Amazon almost immediately. Amazon take a large proportion of the sales price, however, it put Bambino Boo out there and there were people looking at my products instantly.

After I was up and running on Amazon, I started selling a few products on Ebay. I got sales through Ebay, however, the sales were generally at a lower price than the price I was selling at on Amazon and Bambino Boo. I decided that this would be a good way to sell excess stock.

I think that using multiple sales channels is a must in the early days in order to get those all important sales.

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