10 Things I Have Learnt About SEO


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I have had a steep learning curve with SEO. A year ago I knew nothing about it, now through reading articles, books and a bit of trial and error I feel I know quite a lot about it. However, it is an area in which you can keep continuously learning and finding out new things about it.

So here are 10 thing I have learnt about SEO in the past year:

1. SEO consists of (a) link building and (b) keywords.

2. To ensure you have good keywords, you need to carry out keyword analysis using a tool such as Wordtracker or the Google Keyword tool.

3. Once you have found your keywords put together a Keyword Strategy.

4. Use 1 main keyword per webpage.

5. Ensure there are title tags and description tags on each webpage.

6. Content on each webpage is very important. Keywords need to be added into content but must the same keyword must not be used to often within each webpage.

7. Update content often.

8. Having a blog increases traffic to the website, thereby increasing the google ranking.

9. Comment on other websites blogs.

10. Submit the website to relevant directories.

I hope this is of some help to people who are at the beginning of their learning curve in understanding SEO.

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