Forums are very useful!

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I have found forums to be very useful in getting information while setting up the business and also once the business got going.  There are a handful I use fairly often – Mumsclub, Netmums, UK Business Forums, and the Tiger Commerce Forum (my website host).  There are loads of forums out there, but some are just a lot better than others.

Why are forums so useful? Forums are a great way to obtain particular information by starting a thread and getting various opinions.  Forums are also great for networking, getting your business name out there, getting support and good for SEO.  Some forums allow you to add a link each time you post a comment or thread, once you have added a certain number of posts or comments. However, there are some forums that will never let you leave a link – so although it will do nothing SEO wise these forums can still be useful if your target market is on there.

I find that the business mum’s forums, such as Mumsclub, are the most supportive, whereas the general business ones can be a bit critical and harsh, however there is different information on the general business forums so it is good to use a mixture of the two.

I would recommend joining forums to all mumpreneurs, whether you are still at the planning stage of your business or have just started out.

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