1st Year of Trading – How Has it Gone?

This week marks Bambino Boo’s 1st anniversary. What an interesting year it has been!

Bambino Boo has made a reasonable amount of sales in a competitive market in a country just coming out of recession through it’s own website, Amazon and Ebay.  The website also gets a reasonable amount of daily traffic to its website and Bambino Boo has started to be known among online mums.

What have been our successes and what have I learnt as owner of Bambino Boo? I have learnt so much in the first year of trading. Things that come immediately to mind (although I am sure there are a lot more) are:

  • I have started to understand SEO
  • going from not using social media at all to using it a number of times a week
  • writing and managing this blog and a new blog that I have recently set up called Toddlers Clothes
  • I have also written a couple of guest blogs for Joanne Dewberry and Business Plus Baby that will be published on their blogs very shortly. I hope to write a lot more guest blogs in the next year.
  • More specifically, I have learnt the seasonality of the purchase peaks and troughs of childrens clothing.

What can I improve upon? I have found that I need to be in more of a niche so in the next month I will undergo a rebrand and change Bambino Boo to ‘Toddler Designer Clothing at Discounted Prices’.  I am to offer a wider choice of clothing to just the toddler market on my website.

I am growing the amount of traffic to the website also the number of sales and through small step-by-step improvements will achieve this on a year-on-year basis.

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