The Importance of Marketing

Image: photostock /

Image: photostock /

Without marketing nobody will know about your company. They will not your brand, what you have to offer and why they should buy from you rather than somebody else.

As a startup business I would say that I spend half my time marketing my business. You can never do enough marketing. The whole point of setting up a business is to sell, and it is difficult to sell without marketing your product.

What marketing have I done to start to get my brand known?

  • My first marketing task was to send an email to friends about my company, Bambino Boo, giving them a discount code and asking them to send the email onto their friends and family.
  • I quickly realised that I needed to get up to speed on SEO so that people could find Bambino Boo when they search for keywords such as Children Clothing Boutique on Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • I also did a lot of PPC advertising on Google Adwords and then Bing as it takes a while for any SEO work to come into effect.
  • I learnt social media from scratch, setting up a Facebook page, and getting ‘likes’. A few weeks later I set up a Twitter account and started sending tweets, slowly getting more and more followers.
  • I sent out the occassional newsletter to purchasers and registrations, targeting these people with offers.
  • I created postcards and placed them in independent shops such as childrens hairdressers, toy shops and gift shops.
  • I have recently started writing articles such as that on Family Friendly Working, a book and website, to get more visibility for my business.
  • In the past month I have started another blog called Toddlers Clothes, that I hope to eventually integrate into Bambino Boo, again to get my business better known.

By doing various marketing activities and doing a bit of marketing every day in time Bambino Boo will have more and more visibility. I see the business and my experience of starting up as a journey and this is just the beginning!

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