Social Networking – an Important Part of the Marketing Mix

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Social Networking is an important part of the marketing mix when running and marketing an online business.

Why is it important? It is great for making contacts online, speaking to people that are in a similar situation, getting support, obtaining imformation and, most importantly, getting your business known among your target market online community.

As I didn’t know much initially about social media, I went on a course run by Merton Chamber of Commerce. The course was really helpful and I came away with an action plan and a lot more knowledge about social media.

I already had a Bambino Boo Facebook page promoting discounted childrens designer clothing and a few followers on my Twitter account also promoting discounted childrens designer clothing. I was posting only occassionally as I was just dabbling in social media. I was advised to post at least twice a week, to retweet peoples posts that I thought were interesting and to add comments.

It sounded like all this social media would take a long time, but I had come away from the course with an action plan with timescales and so I started to work my way through the list of things to do.

I was also advised to start a blog and write some guest posts – both of which I have now done. (The guest posts were on the Joanne Dewberry blog and the Business Plus Baby blog, both well known bloggers in the Mumpreneur community). I started to write this Small Business Mum blog and found I enjoyed writing it and so then a couple of months ago decided to start a Toddlers Clothes blog.

6 months later I feel so much more confident about social media as a PR tool. It does take time but I find that I do enjoy it and if I spend just 15 minutes a day doing a bit of social media then I am ensuring that more and more people are being exposed to the Bambino Boo Toddler Clothing brand.

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