Moving House

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We have just moved home. It has been a chaotic few weeks but now Small Business Mum is back, writing posts that I am hoping will be of interest to you!

Moving house has been such a big thing and so my business had been downgraded to just fulfilling orders and towards the start of the new school year there were quite a few orders. This I was very pleased about as I had done absolutely no marketing or PR in the last few weeks.

So what happened to the business during the moving process? I put a note on the Homepage of Bambino Boo saying that our childrens designer clothing company could only send out the clothing after such and such a date.  With Amazon, I made all products inactive and with Ebay I stated that people could order but I would only despatch them after a particular date.  I made this date a week after our moving date to ensure that after we moved that we would definitely be on broadband and have our stock in an easy to access manner.  I would say that it doesn’t seem to have done much damage to the business.

After the first week, I had a number of orders to fulfil and the whole process was fine. My main issue has been that I just haven’t had the time to market the company and so the number of people visiting the website has decreased slightly. I am now back up and running, with children in new schools.  I am hoping that I can now give my business that attention that it deserves and needs to be able to start to grow it.

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