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Image: Danilo Rizzuti /

Over the year and a bit that I have been trading I have found that there is a definite seasonality in the number of sales I get from childrens clothing.

From September towards Christmas I have found that this is the time when I make most sales. January and February, after people have splashed their cash over Christmas, I make least sales. During the school holidays in July and August I also find that it gets quiet on the sales front.

In addition to the number of sales I make each month fluctuating, I have also found that the discount designer childrens clothes that I sell the most of changes throughout the year. I find that around Autumn time I sell a lot of outerwear. Then towards Christmas I sell a lot of outfits.  Other items, such as trousers and tops I sell equally throughout the year.

Do you have seasonality for your business? When do your sales go up and when do they go down?

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2 Responses to Seasonality

  1. Interestingly enough, I also find seasonality in my “sales”, it being photography. I get more bookings during August/September than any other time during the year. During November (just before Christmas) I tend to re-sell more pictures from old photoshoots, turned into products and gifts. Also very quiet all the way from January to April, I suppose people aren’t really in the mood or even thinking about having their or their children’s portraits taken during the grey and snowy winter months.

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