Work/Life Balance

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Image: renjith krishnan /

I had wanted to set up and run a small business for a very long time. However, I ended up starting a new business when I was at home with 2 young children thinking that I wanted a good work/life balance – wanting to have something outside bringing up the children while wanting to be with them.

The choices for women with young children are work full-time, work part-time (but good, well-paid part-time work is difficult to find) or be a stay at home mum.  Since my first child was born, I have gone between working part-time on a contract basis doing marketing analysis and being a stay at home mum. It sort of worked, but with a few issues along the way.

Once I knew which business to set up, and after doing research and writing a business plan, I thought that this, for me, is the perfect way to have that all important work/life balance. I could be there for my children, doing the school run and being there in the afternoon after my youngest finished nursery for the day, and starting to build a business that would hopefully in the coming years give me enough profit to sustain myself.

Over the year and a bit since I started the business, I feel like the work/life balance is right and it is perfect to be at home working on the business as well as being there for the children. However, there are times when work does take over a bit (although I know now how to limit that). I now put times in the diary when I need to do certain things and make sure that I try to do things with the children when they are at home. The business can get to be all-consuming if you let it. Also, it is taking longer than I anticipated to get a good enough profit going, but with my business coach I am working on that and am trying to do enough of the right type of marketing to grow the business year on year.

How much is your business growing year on year?

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