How to set up a childrens clothing online business?

1. Decide what you would like your childrens clothing niche to be.

2. Do some research to see if there is a market for your products. The easiest way to do this is through surveys. I would survey at least 100 people to get a good feel for what peoples opinions are.

3. Check out your competition.

4. Look for suppliers. The price at which you purchase stock makes a big difference on the % margin that you can achieve so it’s important to buy the right stock at the right price. A lot of this comes through experience of running a business – analysing what sells and what doesn’t and the price that customers are happy to purchase at. 

5. Write a business plan.

6. Once you have decided on a supplier to host your website, start building the website. This includes producing a logo, producing top boxes and the general website design.

7. Once you have chosen your clothing suppliers and have started purchasing stock, the next task is to have photos of your stock taken and write good descriptions of the product. It is important to have great photos otherwise the website will not look professional and could put off people purchasing from you.

8. Start networking. I have found that it is important to have a support network, such as other mums that own mumpreneur businesses.  I have networked with these mumpreneurs through forums and online business courses.  Having the support of other mumpreneurs makes a difference as you share the highs and lows.  There will be knock-backs and it’s the way you deal with the knock-backs that make the difference.  By having support I find that other mumpreneurs have also a some point had similar problems or issues and we can share stories and empathise.

9. Start marketing your business. In the early days, most of your time will be spent on marketing to get your business known. There are so many childrens clothing companies on the internet you need to have a unique selling point to stand out from all those other websites. Writing a marketing plan will help.

10. Most importantly, I have found that it takes time to build up a profitable business – to build up traffic, to get the brand known, to get customers and then to make these repeat customers.

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  1. This is really refreshing topic about online business course. I am grateful to gain more knowledge about this topic. Nice post.

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