Online Business Course

I started an online business course run by Ace Inspire in May last year. 

Why did I decide to start this business course?

Although I knew most of what the course teaches you, it is useful to have a structure to ensure I haven’t missed anything that I should be doing to increase visitors and also to increase sales.

As well as giving you some background knowledge for each topic, there are usually videos and also tasks for each section that the course covers. By having these tasks, the course gives you the momentum to do those things that maybe had been put to one side to be done another day, either because it was out of my comfort zone or I didn’t think it was that important.

Another good aspect of doing this course is that it enables you to get support from other mumpreneurs, a blogging expert and a PR expert.

If you have read my most recent posts, you would have noticed that life has got in the way and I have been busy with moving and renovating our house, so have had a lot less time than I had previously. The good thing with this online course is that you can start and stop it at your convenience. I got half way through the course, and have had to stop it for a few weeks again. I have got all my emails saved so I will be able to start up again when things have calmed down here.

If you are interested in doing this type of course, have a look at what Ace Online Business have to offer.

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