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Do you want to contribute to Small Business Mum? You don’t have to be a professional to write for us. The requirements are you should be a mum who has set up her own business, who is willing share your business experience with others.

Your article should be 200 – 300 words.


1 Response to Contact Us

  1. Susie Hung says:

    Hi Naz, love your blog!

    Whilst I am not (yet) a mum, I do run my own small business teaching pole dancing for fitness and fun in Middlesex. To set up a business is no mean feat but It helped that I have a marketing and finance background with my ‘normal’ day job. I echo all your tips and advice and would encourage any female (mum or not) who is thinking about their own career challenge to take that leap of faith; pending they have put in the ground work i.e. done all their research, know their market, budgeted start up costs, drawn up a 3 year plan etc…and above all be passionate about their business/product! Hopefully you will see all your hard work bear fruition, as I have, and it’s also hugely empowering.

    For any ladies out there who fancy some spinnerlicious fun on the pole and want an all over body workout please check us out:

    Thanks for reading
    Susie x

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